Skin Rehab Program

With renewal and rejuvenation in mind, we conceptualized Skin Rehab. Choose from a range of three lasers starting with the most gentle with no downtime to more effective with moderate downtime.

If you’re looking to prevent and address early signs of aging and you’d like to score better skin texture and elasticity, Clear + Brilliant will do just that and bring back your glow. The gentle laser uses fractional technology which erases recovery time. Series of 3 Clear + Brilliant treatments

  Fraxel Dual laser treatments improve everything from age and sun spots, lines, and wrinkles, to acne scars and precancerous lesions. Dual indicates two wavelengths to address all of the above, and to work in tandem to trigger new cell production and force damaged cells to turnover.

You can expect a couple of days of redness and swelling if we’re addressing texture, lines, and scarring; and a few more if we’re zeroing in on pigment. Fraxel Dual treatment of the face, neck, and chest

 Patients are crediting Halo Laser with helping them achieve the best skin they’ve experienced in years. Halo is the very first hybrid fractional laser to marry ablative and non-ablative wavelengths which means it’s highly efficacious and we can customize the treatment to your complexion.

After 5-7 days of recovery time, you’ll face a dramatic sloughing of brown spots and sun damage to reveal positively glowing and plumped skin; then reduced crow’s feet, fine lines around your mouth and other creases; and in time, tighter, firmer, more youthful skin.  Halo Laser face and neck session

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Recommended Support Products

Our favorite products to go along with these treatments are a Vitamin C serum to prevent new pigment ( CE Ferulic, CF Phloretin or Alto from SkinBetter), Hyperpigmentation treatment product to erase existing pigment (Discoloration Defense, Phyto + and Even from SkinBetter), and daily application of SPF pigmentation defense  (Colorescience AllCalm, Even up and Faceshield)

Hyperpigmentation can be a difficult problem to solve. Discover more about the reasons your skin suffers from spots and discoloration and the variety of procedures that are available to help tackle that problem.