Treatments for Post Summer Skin Cleanup


Summer’s over. Is your skin still stuck in August?

Post-summer fixers for

  • Discoloration
  • Emerging wrinkles
  • Roughness

Fast treatments for milder problems:

BBL Photofacial for discoloration of both red and brown
Chemical Peels to smooth skin and lift pigment
Clear + Brilliant Permea “baby Fraxel” specific for pigment
SilkPeel for smoother skin with polish and hydration
O2 Intraceuticals Facial for supreme instant hydration
Skin Brightening Products for gradual improvements

Longer process but better and deeper-level improvements:

Fraxel DUAL for more obvious sun damage including wrinkling and pigmentation
Clear & Briliant for resurfacing touchier skins with a tendency to post-treatment pigmentation
Vbeam for obvious broken capillaries and facial veins
Cosmelan mask peel for facial hyperpigmentation
SkinPen needling for skin refresh, skin lightening, and wrinkle reduction (series)

See Hyperpigmentation Causes and Treatments

De Riguer: Sun protection!

No matter what treatments you undertake, you must take sun protection seriously. As good as the sun feels, it’s not a friend to your skin.

Progressive sun damage means earlier wrinkles and more of them, generalized collagen breakdown that leads to sagging skin, pigmentation that becomes increasingly more difficult to remove or minimize, and loss of skin hydration. It’s a heavy price to pay for ignoring that simple single step in your daily routine.