Ultherapy in the News Los Angeles

Ultherapy in the News Los Angeles

Ultherapy in Los Angeles

Ultherapy is approved for nonsurgical lifting of the lower face, the brow and the decollete.

Ultrasound can get to the deep parts if your skin layers without disrupting the surface through the idea of concentration and what I talk about this or describe it to other people I like to use the analogy of the magnifying glass.

You’ve probably seen pictures where someone is holding a magnifying glass and sunlight is passing through that magnifying glass and at one particular point after that sunlight passes through that magnifying glass the light is highly concentrated:

And if it’s concentrated enough you can actually use it to heat things. Yet, before that concentration you can put your hand in there nothing happens.
Ultrasound is the same way. It’s diffuse before it gets to those layers that we intend to treat. Because it’s diffuse and spread out, no heating occurs. It only occurs where we get it highly concentrated, which is below the surface.

The focus of the energy lets us bypass the surface skin and tighten the structures beneath. That’s a major difference from other treatments that claim to lift or tighten the skin.

Ultherapy Los Angeles treatment center Rebecca Fitzgerald MD.