Ultherapy Lift – Who It Works Best For

Results of Ultherapy under Chin female patient showing improved lower face contour improvementUltherapy – Ultrasound Therapy​

While Ultherapy may not be the golden ticket for everyone, it certainly is gaining more followers.

Who This Works Best For

There are no true age limits on either end for Ultherapy, but we’re finding that the fastest and most definitive results land in the 30′s to early 50′s range. More mature patients may require a 2nd treatment to further convince their collagen to “do its thing”! Or they may choose to do additional firming withThermage which offers deep bulk heating to spur collagen renewal and tightening. If double chin fat is an issue, CoolSculpting Mini or Kybella are options for additional sculpting.

No Pain No Gain – Sort Of

The first generation Ultherapy was somewhat painful – and frankly few truly effective structural procedures come with zero pain. It’s the “no pain, no gain” theory at work.

That said, we do provide medication that takes away the anxiety and most of the discomfort. At the same time we have some patients who claim it’s less painful than hair laser or waxing, but we’d never claim it’s a pain-free procedure..

Find Out If You’re a Candidate

Our Ultherapy Team will provide your consultation

If Ultherapy is not right for you, we’ll certainly tell you. And if it is, you can be on your way to looking more lifted and a little more exciting.

Go here to read more about Ultherapy and then go grab a consult. Our team members are as particular as they come and frankly honest! You won’t be pressured into a treatment we don’t think will work well for you.