What is Micro-Coring? Meet Ellacor®

What is Micro-Coring? Meet Ellacor®

Ellacor® is a new, non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment that utilizes micro-coring for optimal skin tightening. Precisely what it sounds like, micro-coring uses hollow needles to safely remove microscopic plugs of skin from the treatment area. Once these micro-cores are removed, the body’s natural healing response kicks in, causing the skin to realign while reducing the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles, and more.

During Ellacor treatment, up to 12,000 micro-cores may be removed from the skin during a single treatment session. While each core extends through the entire thickness of the skin, Ellacor needles are less than .5 mm in diameter, which is well below the threshold for scarring. Moreover, because these cores are not incisions, Ellacor does not require sutures, incision care, or a lengthy recovery period. It may, however, take several days after treatment before you feel comfortable resuming all normal activities.

What Issues can be Treated With Micro-Coring?

The Ellacor System with Micro-Coring™ Technology can treat skin laxity and moderate to severe mid and low-face wrinkles. The device has not yet been approved for other areas of the body but, like microneedling, may one day be cleared to address skin laxity elsewhere.

It may take two to three Ellacor treatments before optimal results are achieved. These typically take around 30 minutes and can be performed within one month of each other. Because Ellacor is non-surgical, results from each treatment will take time to materialize. In some cases, it may take up to six months for maximum improvement to be reached.

In the end, however, six months is nominal compared to the remarkable results Ellacor can produce. With proper skin care (including the judicious application of sunscreen when outside) and healthy lifestyle choices (like not smoking), results from Ellacor can last for several years. Although not comparable to a surgical lift, the effect of micro-coring is an actual reduction of skin without the need for surgery or sutures.

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