Whats Going to Work for My Rosacea?

Skin having a temper tantrum? small girl cryingSkin Temper Tantrums

Rosacea can be like a defiant teen at times. Just when you need your skin to behave, it decides to glow like Rudolph and break out. In some ways you can liken Rosacea to skin temper tantrums.

No cure, but you can control

So what do you do? Rosacea is chronic – meaning it’s a condition that really doesn’t have a sure cure, but it can be controlled in a way to make sure it doesn’t rule your life.

Learning your own “triggers”

If you suffer from this facial flushing madness, you already know that there are personal “triggers” that are unique to you that will cause a flare up. If not, then you do need to take the time to keep a diary of sorts, just to remind you to skip the hot sauce or stop at that 1st glass of wine.

Treatments from your doctor

Topical treatments will help manage Rosacea and there are a variety that are available for your particular skin type and problem. Obviously a dermatologist is your best friend when it comes to management choices and you owe it to yourself (and your skin) to find a good one and stick with the program.

Outside of topicals – and often in conjunction with them – vascular lasers are an excellent way to minimize expanded and ruptured capillaries on the face – especially midface and the nose area. Lasers usually provide more and better results with multiple treatments, so don’t stop with just one. Facial veins are stubborn and usually require several treatments before they give up and leave you alone.

Some lifestyle habits will help lessen the frequency and intensity of Rosacea flares:

  • Skip the sauna and hot tub
  • Don’t linger in a hot shower
  • Cool off during your workouts by spritzing with cool water
  • Let someone else do the outdoor barbecue duty
  • Sun hats, beach umbrellas and sunscreen are de rigueur