BBL photofacial

Why Consider Broadband Light Photofacial Treatment?

Skin is in many ways like the clothes we wear. Well-cared-for attire can “make or break” the way we are perceived. The way our skin looks creates another social dimension. Weathered, discolored, and rough skin can be unattractive and embarrassing, as well as “aging.” Understandably, anyone living in southern California has more challenges in maintaining healthy-looking skin. The abundance of sun and the lack of humidity is like a one-two punch, leaving your skin with multiple problems, both in appearance and health. With procedures like Broadband Light Photofacial treatment, you can recapture more even-toned and smoother skin virtually anywhere on your body. not just on your face.

Broadband Light Photofacial treatment (shortened as BBL Photofacial treatment) exposes your skin to precise bursts of broadband light that can be tailored uniquely to your needs. Filters finely tune the light to target a specific problem, whether multiple shades of brown discoloration, redness, capillaries, or even roughness.

Your Skin Has Suffered From Sun Damage

Sun damage is one of the most common agitators of skin issues. From causing the appearance of sunspots and sun-induced freckles to exacerbating skin conditions like age-related wrinkles and rosacea, the sun can be just as much of an enemy to your skin as it can be a friend.

With BBL Photofacial treatment, the brown spots, freckles, and red splotches caused by sun damage can be evened out with the additional benefit of improved skin texture and smoothness.

You Struggle With Broken Capillaries, Flushing, and Redness

Even if you’ve been keen on preventing sun damage, you may still deal with chronic flare-ups of rosacea or sensitivity redness. BBL Photofacial treatment can direct your body to seal off the damaged or inflamed capillaries that are an underlying reason for your facial redness.

You Have Fine Wrinkles and Large Pores

Fine wrinkling and enlarged pores see improvement over time with a series of BBL Photofacial treatments. The bursts of broadband light can help stimulate your body’s natural collagen production to help smooth fine wrinkles and firm the skin to reduce the appearance of pore size.

First-Class BBL Photofacial Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

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