A New World of Wrinkle Busters?

A New World of Wrinkle Busters?

A new world of wrinkle busters?

Botox has never had any true non-toxin or non-injection competition, but there are new wrinkle busters out there. Here are some pretty interesting technologies that are/were designed to compete with today’s neurotoxins like Botox, Dysport and Xeomin.

(By the way, this is only FYI information – none of these procedures are used in our office at this time because of risk or the lack of final FDA approval.)

Topical Tox – RT001

First up is a “topical tox” named RT001 from Revance that is the first such system to deliver botulinum toxin type A without injection. A special peptide will allow the topical gel product to deliver the toxin across the skin barrier and affect the fine lines on the outside corners of your eyes – crow’s feet. It’s now in Phase 3 Clinical Trials. https://www.revance.com/

Radio Frequency Nerve Inhibitor- Neubelle

Radio frequency has been used for years for skin tightening and skin resurfacing.  It’s now up for also selectively relaxing the motor nerves that control facial muscles.

Called NeuBelle, the treatment is also referred to as Glabella Furrow Relaxation (GFX). Patients are treated in-office with a fine probe inserted into the skin which delivers the RF energy. Neubelle is said to last up to 12 months.

NeuBelle™ technology has been cleared by the FDA as a minimally invasive technique for creating a neural lesion inhibiting the function of the target nerve through the application of RF energy. It is only being used on the forehead.

Radio Frequency Nerve Disabling – ThermiRase

Another radio frequency procedure called ThermiRase. The special protocol will disable the nerves which control the muscles responsible for glabella frown lines. This procedure applies radio frequency energy to selected nerves with a probe that creates lesions on the targeted nerves.

In a recent study, the effect lasted more than one year in almost 80% of the subjects. https://www.thermi.com/thermirase

Chilling the Wrinkles Away – iovera

The novel iovera° treatment uses the Focused Cold Therapy™ delivery system and the body’s natural response to cold — and nothing but cold — to temporarily relax the muscles that cause forehead wrinkles.

Think of it as “cold shots”. Liquid nitrogen super-chills a closed end cannula and puts selected nerve endings into a type of hibernation.

Currently only available in Canada and Europe, iovera works by precisely targeting the nerves that control the forehead muscles by temporarily deactivating  signaling to the muscles and causes them to relax. This deactivation process reduces the appearance of dynamic forehead wrinkles. Effects are immediate and last about 3 months. https://iovera.com/patients/#how-it-works – It appears this treatment for facial muscles is off the board at this time.