Botox Cosmetic Extended Uses

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Botox Cosmetic has become the most popular injectable in the world.

Starting from the approved use for glabellar lines (those 11's we all seem to acquire over time) to advanced and extended uses, skilled injectors have discovered multiple ways to use Botox Cosmetic for surprisingly artistic results.

Unacquainted with Botox Cosmetic Extended Uses?

Upper Face

  • Brow shaping
  • Eyebrow lifting & balancing
  • Opening the eye
  • Softening crow's feet


  • Decreasing the mouth frown
  • Increasing lip show
  • Decreasing gummy smile
  • Reducing the vertical lines around the mouth
  • Lifting the nose tip

Lower Face and Neck


  • Excessive sweating underarms
  • Palm sweating

Are Extended Uses FDA Approved?

Extended uses of Botox Cosmetic occur in what's termed "off-label use". FDA off-label means that the FDA has approved this product for use in specific locations of the skin, but not for this particular location. This is usually because associated costs to the company in submitting every location would be cost-prohibitive.

Who's Your Injector?

Whether on or "off" label, skill and experience are vital in achieving both the effects you want and achieving them safely. The power of Botox Cosmetic treatments can be substantial in the right hands.

Dr. Fitzgerald is a long time physician-trainer for Botox and nearly every other injectable. With a profound level of research, decades of injection experience and an international following, even the most intricate of injection needs fall well within the realm of her skills, artistic eye and experience levels. Whether you choose our practice, or another, we encourage you to be particular about the injector you decide upon.

Botox Cosmetic FAQs and Safety Information 

FDA-approved to temporarily make moderate to severe frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better in adults

Interactive image below shows locations of Botox use (also listed above under Extended Uses