Laser Genesis

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Laser Genesis Experience Gentle Skin Rejuvenation


Zero Downtime - All Skin Types - Very Affordable - Simple, No Prep


Gently treat diffuse redness, fade acne scarring, improve active acne, and reduce the appearance of fine lines by increasing collagen synthesis, & naturally promote a healthy look. You can expect to see gradual, natural results after each 20 minute treatment. A series of treatments are required in order to achieve optimal results.

Female side face results before and after multiple Laser Genesis treatments

How is Laser Genesis Different?

This is truly a no downtime treatment to

  • stimulate collagen
  • tighten pores
  • improve acne and redness

Laser Genesis is the perfect laser to do before a last minute event because it plumps the skin (remember? no downtime!). Combine it with an oxygen facial and you're camera ready or event ready immediately.

The only caution? The heat from Laser genesis can trigger melasma, so it might not be suitable for these patients.

If you notice any of the following problems, reach out today to see how Laser Genesis might be able to help you quickly help stimulate collagen, tighten pores, or improve acne and redness . Please call our Los Angeles office at 323-464-8046 or contact Rebecca Fitzgerald to learn more about Laser Genesis if you live in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Larchmont or the surrounding areas.