Reasons to Consider a BBL Photofacial

Beautiful brunette spa girl with glowing hydrated facial skin touching healthy palm.At Rebecca Fitzgerald MD Dermatology, we know the impact your appearance has on your self-confidence  – and how certain skin conditions can be frustrating and at times embarrassing.  Dealing with sun damage, broken capillaries, brown or age spots, and sun-induced freckles can become a daily, time-consuming effort to conceal what you don’t want to see.

Your time is valuable and sometimes there is an inconvenience in multiple treatment protocols and multiple office visits. Although your situation may require a mix of procedures, we make every effort to treat as much as possible in as short a time as possible. At our Larchmont clinic, you have access to the most powerful light technology available today, Sciton’s BBL Photofacial.


Both therapies use light as the method of correcting redness or pigmentation. But BBL is much more sophisticated. A major step above standard IPL photofacials, the Sciton BBL utilizes very specific filters to block selected wavelengths of light while specifically treating a certain condition.

During your treatment, you may require several different filters to most effectively address redness such as flushing and rosacea, or yellow/brown pigmentation from sun exposure, as well as loss of skin firmness with fine wrinkles.  With a selection of 7 filters, BBL makes it easy to target a variety of skin problems in one office visit with one device.

For brown discoloration, once the melanin (pigment granules) has been broken up by the light therapy, the body naturally begins to internally “cleanse itself” and either absorbs these granules or pushes them to the surface of the skin. Over about a week, the granules that rise to the skin’s surface will be exfoliated naturally, leaving the skin more uniform in color. Redness is minimized by the shrinking of the small capillaries.

Other than the appointment itself, there is no interruption in routine activities.

Patient Review quote: I wouldn't trust my face or skin to anybody else.

Dr. Fitzgerald may recommend an initial conservative approach with BBL Photofacial if your skin issues are mild in nature. Due to the gentler nature of the procedure often more than one BBL session will be advised in your treatment plan.