RHA Designer Fillers

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RHA® Resilient Hyaluronic Acid Gel Fillers by Revance - Developed with Swiss precision and performance

RHA® is the first and only resilient hyaluronic acid filler designed for facial dynamics.

RHA dermal filler logoThe folds and lines and wrinkles on your face move with every facial movement. How a filler behaves in the skin determines if your natural expressions stay "yours", or change to accomodate the filler.

Naturally behaving filler is key to maintaining a natural appearance whether your face is still or smiling or even pouting. The RHA collection of fillers was designed in Switzerland with special long-chain gel particles to be resiliant and stretchy.

Dr. Fitzgerald is among a select group of physicians chosen to participate in the Revance PrevU program to establish clinical outcome in the U.S.

No one wants to look stiff or "done" from filler injections. Aside from the extremely important skill of your chosen injector, the choice of fillers and the strategy behind those choices call for a variety of filler densities and properties.



These smooth gel fillers come in 3 formulations to perfect and smooth moderate to severe wrinkles, lines and folds. Suited even for the the highly mobile lines around the mouth and lips, you'll not notice where the filler is placed - nor will anyone else.

RHA closely mimics natural HA and still achieves:

  • A natural look at rest and in motion
  • Proven clinical effectiveness and duration up to 15 months*†
  • No delayed onset treatment-related adverse events observed in the US clinical studies*


RHA dermal filler before and after results for ElizOne week post - .6mL RHA2, 1mL RHA3, 1 mL RHA4


RHA wrinkle filler results after facial injectionsOne week post - 1 mL RHA2, .5 mL RHA3, 1.4mL RHA4

*Clinical effectiveness and safety were demonstrated in 2 pivotal studies, each a 15-month, randomized, double-blinded, within-subject, multicenter, noninferiority, prospective trial. Study 1 (174 subjects): 74 RHA® 2/control treatment group, 74 RHA® 3/control treatment group, and 26 no-treatment group. Study 2 (140 subjects): 120 RHA® 4/control treatment group and 20 no-treatment group.

Duration based on blinded evaluator assessments at Month 15 in the 2 pivotal studies, the percentages of responders ( ≥ 1 grade improvement on the wrinkle severity rating scale) were 80.9% for RHA 2, 78.7% for RHA 3, and 89.2% for RHA 4.

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