What is CoolTone?

An infographic showing why CoolTone is a great treatment for body shapingCoolTone is a non-invasive device that tones and strengthens muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Receive a 30-minute CoolTone treatment at our comfortable office to fine-tune the results you’ve achieved at the gym! By combining the treatment with CoolSculpting, you can reduce excess fat while also building toned muscle.

Oftentimes, certain areas of the body do not reach the level of definition and tone you want despite a consistent weight-lifting routine. CoolTone delivers Magnetic Muscle Stimulation directly to the targeted muscle, causing them to contract. The intense involuntary muscle contractions build strong muscle fibers.

Each session lasts 30 minutes. You’ll relax in a reclined position and we place the applicator over the treatment area. We’ll be at your side and can adjust the intensity of the contractions if need be. Generally, we start with gentle intensity to get the muscles warmed up, gradually increasing the intensity so that you can get the maximum effect. The treatment ends with an active recovery phase to cool down the muscles.

What does it feel like? Most people report that the most intense part of the treatment feels like a hard workout. So if you are having the abdomen treated, you may feel like you’re doing an intense crunch. Most people do not feel uncomfortable and tolerate the treatment well. If necessary, we can dial back the intensity, although it may affect the quality and expediency of the results.

How many treatments will I need? Individual needs will vary. Most people benefit from anywhere between 4-8 sessions. Many people begin seeing results within several weeks. They continue to improve for a couple months.

How long do the results last? For most people, the results are lasting! But you may benefit from maintenance sessions to sustain the muscle mass. You may be able to preserve your results by living an active, healthy lifestyle, which should include exercise and a stable body weight.

Your CoolTone Consultation

Talk to Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald to find out if CoolTone is right for you! We are proud to offer this non-invasive muscle-building treatment at our Los Angeles practice. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Fitzgerald, please call our team at 323-464-8046.