Micro-Cannula Injections – DermaSculpt™ in Los Angeles

If there were a way to have your fillers injected with less pain and less bruising, how many would opt for that choice? The choice is here now!

DermaSculpt™ micro-cannula “injection” is the new way to deliver fillers. A micro-cannula slides under the skin for easier, more pain-free, and more bruise-free placement of dermal fillers. If you’re considering filler treatment but a fear of needles is holding you back, Dr. Fitzgerald can discuss DermaSculpt in Los Angeles during a consultation at our office.

What Is a Micro-Cannula?

A DermaSculpt micro-cannula in Los Angeles is a very thin, tiny, flexible hollow tube with a smooth round tip. The sharp end is gone! Instead of many needle sticks, we only need a few to provide entry points for the cannula. That means fewer needle marks, less pain, and far less probability of bruising.


What Are the Benefits of a Micro-Cannula over a Needle?

  • Reduced pain
  • Less bleeding
  • Less bruising
  • Less tissue trauma or swelling

Micro-cannula injection in Los Angeles requires a single entry point for a large area instead of many as occurs with a traditional needle. Because the tip of the cannula is smooth and rounded, small vessels are simply pushed out of the way instead of being cut – so instead of pain, you’ll most frequently experience little more than pressure.

How Does the Micro-Cannula Get into the Skin?

An entry point is made with a traditional needle that is slightly larger than the microcannula. If desired, Dr. Fitzgerald will use a small amount of lidocaine to numb that area. Then the DermaSculpt microcannula slides under the skin to the areas to be treated with filler in Los Angeles.

How Many Entry Points Will I Require?

For an upper and lower lip, only two – one at each end of the lip area. These same entry points can be utilized for filler in additional areas around the mouth and even into the lower cheek area. For a full lower face rejuvenation (cheeks, lip, mouth area, chin), you will likely have 4 points of entry.

Needles push the filler in front of the needle tip through an open end. Micro-cannulas have a small opening on the side and a closed end. This opening provides a smoother delivery of the filler so no matter what the pressure from the injector, there is a smoother flow of material.

Is a Cannula Now Used for All Injectables?

No. Sculptra and the toxins Dysport and Botox are still injected with a standard needle.

Really? No Bruising?

No, you could still bruise. Anyone taking aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, fish oil, or blood thinners still has a higher risk of bruising. (Anyone taking blood thinners are at extreme risk). But even with the existing potential for bruising, the incidence of bruising and the severity are dramatically reduced. Simply replacing the sharp tip for a round one makes a huge difference.

Discover the difference of DermaSculpt™ in Los Angeles by calling Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD, today.