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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cosmetic Consultation Fee
    Cosmetic Consultations are $250
    *This fee is fully applied to your cosmetic procedure
    Your consultation includes:
    + A full assessment of your concerns
    + The doctor's recommendations
    + Projected costs
    + Baseline photos are taken prior to your first procedure
    **Consultations for CoolSculpting are provided at no cost.
    Our practice is no longer contracted with insurance providers. Any medical procedure is private pay at our practice rates at the time of service. We will provide a coded receipt; however, you will be responsible for submitting to your insurance plan for any reimbursement they may approve at their rates. We encourage you to contact your insurance provider or log onto the AAD website to locate a dermatology practice participating in your plan.
    We will request a credit card to book and hold your appointment.
    A fee will be charged to the cc on file if your appointment is missed or not canceled the day prior to your scheduled appointment. It is best if you call to cancel your appointment. If this is not possible, please complete a contact form with your full name and date of appointment.
    Preparing for your Consultation Arrive at the office without makeup if at all possible or practical. Bring a written list of questions about your specific concerns and a brief history of previous treatments or skin concerns you have experienced. Your consultation will typically take 30-45 minutes. Consultation and Same Day Treatment Although you may be anxious to get started, it is not always possible to begin treatments on the same day as your consultation. Our doctors make every effort to accommodate patients who wish to start immediately, but this is not always possible.