Fraxel DUAL in Los Angeles

Skin problems that include damage from years of sun exposure, scarring from acne, and the inevitable changes from aging can be alleviated with lasers. Lasers are essentially concentrated beams of light that penetrate the skin at premeasured depths. This lets us “target” each problem in a way that treats the problem specifically.

For more information about Fraxel DUAL in Los Angeles and other skin laser treatment options, please call Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald to arrange an appointment at our office.

Why Is Fraxel DUAL Called DUAL?

Fraxel DUAL is a tested and proven laser in Los Angeles with multiple capabilities – and two distinct wavelengths. One wavelength will trigger the skin to produce new collagen, and another will latch on to pigment and damaged cells to force them into exfoliation. The DUAL is well known for its effectiveness in reducing pigmentation.


Prime Examples of Fraxel DUAL Capabilities

  • Moderate sun damage
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne scars and other scars

Laser Specialists are Critical to Success

Our laser team in Los Angeles has abundant experience with the Fraxel DUAL laser and other technology-based therapies. Dr. Ray Jalian is a well-known laser specialist, and our Family Nurse Practitioner, Angela Sarff, routinely treats patients with every skin type and color. Correct technology selection is extremely important in helping you get the improvements you want both safely and with the least potential side effects.

The Meaning of Fractional

Fractional simply means the laser beam is broken up into tiny microcolumns so that not all the skin is treated at once. Pinpoint beams cover from 5 to 50% of your skin surface. The untreated skin speeds healing. Because it’s a fractional laser, the downtime and healing process is faster and much less risky than lasers that remove a full sheet of skin or those that vaporize tissue. In fact, Fraxel is one of the few lasers in Los Angeles that can be used anywhere on the body – even on delicate areas like the neck and chest.

A Laser for Pigmentation, Photo-Aging, and Wrinkles

Pigmentation is a direct result of sun exposure – often showing as spots and dots in both regular and irregular patterns. Along with the pigmentation from sun exposure, your skin undergoes accelerated aging. The sun – although necessary and enjoyable – plays havoc with your skin’s DNA. This results in slow cell turnover that shows as skin roughness and early wrinkles.

It is easy to see what the sun does by comparing body areas that are never sun exposed to those that are! Contact us to learn more about treating sun damage with Fraxel DUAL in Los Angeles.

A Laser for Actinic Keratosis

Since most of us in the Los Angeles area have abundant sun exposure year round, nearly everyone has pigmentation excess on their face, neck and chest. Often, if you are in your 50’s and beyond, you’ll have some incidences of actinic keratosis (AK) on your face, chest and arms.

The pigmentation laser setting (called Thulium) of the DUAL is FDA approved for this treatment too. You’ll see an improvement is discoloration problems along with the destruction of the damaged cells that make up AKs.

A Laser for Acne Scarring

Acne scarring is psychologically often extremely difficult to deal with. Treatment is seldom a one-time event and if you have suffered from both acne and the scarring it leaves behind you know how impatient you can be to see things get better fast.

Fraxel’s erbium laser component has become a gold standard for acne scar improvement and is most successful in smoothing your skin if you have rolling acne scars. (Scars that have defined edges called boxcar scars or those that are categorized as icepick scars require additional methods as they are harder to improve.)

What Are Fraxel Treatments Like?

Fraxel laser feels like tiny pin pricks that are hot. Your skin will be numbed before the treatment begins. View this treatment video to see how Fraxel works.

What about Fraxel and Melasma?

Although Fraxel manages pigmentation at a high level, we’re seeing that Clear & Brilliant Laser does an excellent job (with no downtime) in treating Melasma.

Skin Color and Laser Choices

You have to be extremely careful in the choices you make. Skin that is high in pigment often responds to laser by creating more pigment. Choosing the right laser and the right treatment path is far more important than the time it takes to see good results.

Skin color factors into laser selection. Fraxel is simplest for those with fair skin and low pigment levels. If your background is Scandinavian, then Fraxel can be your best friend.

If your genetic background makes you tan easily, then pretreatment with pigment suppression is essential for you. Or you have the option of using a non-laser resurfacing system like MicroNeedling. New to the fractional laser scene is the Halo Hybrid Laser.

Combining Fraxel and Thermage

The tandem treatment of Thermage and Fraxel (called ThermaFrax) treats 3 layers of skin with different effects. Thermage reaches deep into the skin to firm and tighten while Fraxel addresses skin irregularities, sun damage and discoloration. Both improve collagen density in the skin.

Adding PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma stimulates an arrary of responses to improve skin quality and enhance the effects of laser and microneedling.

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