New Skin Treatments in Los Angeles

New Ultrasound technology for no-downtime skin tightening.

Neck and jawline lifting, brow, upper arms.



The filler for under eye hollows and tired-looking eyes

Soft, long lasting, transparent gel


Restylane Eyelight

A unique hyaluronic gel for top level hydration

Microdroplet inectable for skin smoothness


Juvederm Skinvive

3 minutes to help control excessive sweating

Heat-activated patch reduces sweat gland activity


Brella Sweat Patch

Specific for Jawline Definition

Definition redefined


Juvederm Volux

A new filler developed specifically for lipstick lines

Part of the RHA Collection


Redensity Filler for Lipstick Lines

Long-lasting frown line relief

6 months with potential longer action


Daxxify Wrinkle Relaxer

Micro-excisional tissue removal for skin tightening

No surgery, no stitches, no scars


Ellacor Micro-coring Los Angeles

Radiofrequency for scars and tightening

Low downtime smart technology

Learn about GENIUS MicroNeedling

3 new hyaluronic gel fillers for dynamic folds and lines

Stretchy and resilient, just like your own skin

RHA Designer Fillers

Work out without the workout to tone muscles

Abdomen, thighs, and buttocks

Learn more about COOLTONE

Take the red (and brown) out with this next-generation laser

Rosacea, spider veins anywhere, red acne scars, and more

Learn more about VBEAM PRIMA

A time-proven RF energy system for tightening skin on the face, body and eyes

No downtime, no recovery, results increase over time

Learn more about THERMAGE

A patented two-in-one system for skin rejuvenation

Low downtime, high tolerability


The photofacial “game changer” for skin discoloration

Series treatments improve skin in ways “old” photofacial could not

Learn about BBL

One of the fastest pigment-erasing lasers available

Treat both defined dark spots and general discoloration

Learn more about PICO GENESIS

Platelets release growth factors to speed up the repair of damaged tissue and regenerate new tissue

A patented multi-function treatment for skin that makes you feel confident

Healthier skin with zero downtime


Skin peels without the heavy peel and slough

Face, lips, eyes, and chest smooth out, brighten, and reveal new skin without the downtime

Tattoo removal with muscle!

Pico AND Nano technology for faster, more complete removal

Learn more about enlighten TATTOO REMOVAL

New movement-loving fillers for midface

Retain your full “expression-ability”

Learn more about REFYNE and DEFYNE

The new “red tamer”
If it’s red, Excel V will treat it
Veins, Rosacea, Capillaries

Learn more about EXCEL V...

Gentle skin rejuvenator
Painless with results
Series treatment

Learn more about LASER GENESIS...

Lip line resolution
Near-to-surface filler for lip lines
Soft volumizer for small lips

Learn more about VOLBELLA...

Chin Fat Reduction
Injectable Series
No Surgery
Fat Cell Destruction

Learn More about KYBELLA…

Pigmentation Reduction
FDA cleared for Actinic Keratosis
Improves overall skin texture and color
Gold standard for Acne Scarring

Learn More about Fraxel DUAL…