Sofwave Ultrasound Skin Tightening In Los Angeles

Sovwave before and after neck treatment

Sofwave™ is a novel approach to skin tightening using SUPERB™ Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology.

  • Lift the Neck
  • Lift Submental Area (Under Chin)
  • Lift the Eyebrow
  • Tighten Lax Upper Arm
  • Improve Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Short Term improvement in the appearance of Cellulite

Sofwave™’s breakthrough technology delivers a new standard of care to aesthetic treatments, providing safe aesthetic treatments for patients.

SMART Yet SIMPLE Skin Treatment

  • Multiple ultrasound beams technology provides high levels of coverage with each pulse
  • Proven clinical effectiveness
  • Simple, intuitive, and fast treatment

EXCEPTIONAL Safety Profile

  • Integrated skin cooling with Sofcool™
  • Real-time skin temperature monitoring
  • Treats all skin types and colors
  • No damage to the underlying structures

HIGH Patient Satisfaction

  • Non-invasive, no interruption to daily routine
  • Fast treatment: ~30 to 45 minutes
  • Consistent results

Sofwave™is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment of fine lines and wrinkles using a next-generation SUPERB™ Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology.

Sofwave can treat acne scars and lift the eyebrows and lax submental (beneath the chin) and neck tissue, which can also affect the appearance of lax tissue in the submental and neck regions.

In December 2022, it was approved by the FDA for the short-term improvement of cellulite, making it another viable option for cellulite.

The fractional heating effect created by Sofwave’s unique ultrasound delivery stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

How Does Sofwave™ Work?

The depth for effectively treating wrinkles is 1.5mm in the mid-dermis. Sofwave’s unique technology generates heat at this exact depth in the mid-dermis. The integrated cooling mechanism protects the uppermost skin layer.

The impacted treatment zones stimulate a healing response called neo-collagenases, which increases and regenerates the collagen in the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

How is SOFWAVE™ Different from Other Technologies?

Today, various energy-based technologies are designed to treat facial lines and wrinkles. Unlike more intense treatments involving skin penetration, Sofwave is entirely noninvasive and is appropriate for all skin types and colors.

Sofwave™’s unique technology enables the controlled delivery of energy, in terms of amount and location, while protecting the skin surface with an integrated cooling mechanism. Even better, there is no downtime.

Some Different but Similar Technologies:

MicroNeedling RF uses radio frequency delivered via tiny needles inserted in the skin. Thermage relies on “bulk heating” from radio frequency to firm the skin. Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound and reaches deeper into the skin to underlying tissue. Most lifting and tightening effects come from the deposit of heat.

Another skin “tightening” device we use is Ellacor, which actually reduces the amount of skin by extracting tissue, but without the use of heat. Each treatment has its strengths, and often combination procedures are required to reach the desired results.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Typically, the treatment protocol calls for 1-2 treatments, depending on your skin condition and response. More mature patients with deeper and more significant wrinkles and laxity may opt for a 2nd treatment 6 to 8 weeks after the initial procedure.

What Does Sofwave Feel Like?

As the ultrasound energy is delivered, you may feel warmness in the skin. Treatment is made comfortable by applying a topical anesthetic cream just before the treatment. Following the treatment, there are no sensations and no need to apply special care to the skin. Daily care can be resumed immediately post-treatment.

When Can I Expect to See Results?

The collagen regeneration process can sometimes take up to 12 weeks, so patients are expected to see ongoing improvements in the 3 months after their treatment. Expect final treatment results at 6 months.

In Sofwave™’s clinical trials, results have been shown in as little as post-one treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects from Sofwave?

Sofwave™ is a non-invasive treatment for skin tightening. Clinical trials have shown the technology to be effective and safe.

Immediately post-treatment, the skin may appear slightly red with limited swelling for up to a few hours.

For more questions, visit Sofwave™ FAQ