3 Ways PICO Genesis Improves on Laser Treatment

Hyperpigmentation, sunspots, and uneven skin tone: These are all common skin concerns affecting people of all ages and skin types.

If you’ve tried various treatments for these conditions without success, PICO Genesis Laser might be the solution for you.

PICO Genesis is a cutting-edge, dual-action laser treatment. This innovative method targets specific skin spots and mottled hyperpigmentation while simultaneously promoting collagen restructuring for smoother, more youthful skin. Discover the advantages of PICO Genesis over traditional laser treatments with Rebecca Fitzgerald M.D.

Minimal Heat

PICO Genesis stands out from the crowded field of modern laser treatments. With a lightning-fast laser speed that promises minimal heat buildup in the skin, it’s an easy decision for many patients.

Instead of relying on heat, the laser produces “shockwaves” that remodel collagen in the dermal skin layer. This innovative technology doesn’t just improve the skin’s texture and tone, It also helps soften fine lines. Moreover, PICO Genesis is safe for all skin types.

This approach results in smoother skin and fewer discernible fine lines. The quick and efficient nature of PICO Genesis means there’s virtually no downtime, making it an ideal choice for busy individuals looking for an easy, painless solution.

Advanced Customization

PICO Genesis excels due to its customization and two distinct modes of operation.

The first mode (Enlighten) targets specific spots with deep pigments, such as age spots, delivering strong energy pulses. This approach yields dramatic results in just one treatment. *Enlighten can make dark spots temporarily darker before the pigment sheds.

The second mode (PICO Genesis) involves lowering the laser energy, expanding the footprint, and “painting” the skin to address wider areas of mottled pigmentation, like the cheeks and forehead.

The combination of these two modes allows for a comprehensive treatment of various pigmentary issues.

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If you desire a non-invasive solution for skin discoloration and want to enjoy the benefits of smoother skin, PICO Genesis Laser is an excellent choice.

At Rebecca Fitzgerald Dermatology in Los Angeles, they offer state-of-the-art PICO Genesis treatments to help you get the radiant and rejuvenated complexion you deserve. Contact them at 323-464-8046 or visit their website to book an appointment and discover the transformative power of PICO Genesis.