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Better Skin Proclamation from the Rebecca Fitzgerald Office Staff

Better Skin for the New Year – What We’re Doing

Even dermatologists slip now and then when it comes to adhering to our skincare routines. So this year I’ve decided that if I’m going to make a beauty resolution (that I actually stick to), I’ll need the support of my amazing staff and the accountability of having it in print. So, we are making our proclamations together, right here. Better skin is not an accident; it’s a routine.

Beauty Hype in a Bottle

Miracle Skin Creams? – Beauty Hype

You’ve all seen the “Better than Botox?” ads. Incredible marketing! They took a trademarked name, added a question and built a financial masterpiece. Are these products better than an injectable product that took many millions of dollars to test and approve? Hint – the answer starts with No.

But, these products can help with moisturizing your skin. So if paying $139 for a small bottle of promise gets you to take better care of your skin, then maybe it’s step in the right direction.

Mix and Match Dermatology Procedures for Appearance Uplift

It’s seldom a single procedure that fulfills the dreams and wishes we have for looking better. Dermatology today is almost on the level of a Julia Child cookbook for creating recipes for facial rejuvenation. Getting a long lasting and natural looking appearance update or improvement frequently involves an array or treatments and even some implementation of products.

SilkPeel Dermal Infusion – New Twist in Microdermabrasion

Medical Exfoliation with the Kind Touch of SilkPeel

Microdermasion has been around a long time. And it’s stayed out front and center because exfoliating your skin has proven to provide a host of benefits.

Dead skin cells accumulate, making it hard for your pores to do their job. Dead skin cells are dull since they don’t hold moisture. Dead skin cells slow down and sometimes prevent complete product absorption. (Spending plenty on face creams and serums that sit on top of dead skin cells doesn’t equate to much value for your money!)

The Fresh Start of Chemical Peels

Don’t you love the sense of renewal and possibility that comes at the beginning of each year? It’s as if we give ourselves a new chance to start fresh and do the things we know will benefit us.

But often our new goals get a big reality check when our habits refuse to let go. An easy entry into taking some steps, even if they aren’t big, has to do with your skin.

Appearance Matters – How Looks are Linked to Work Value

“I’m older than many of my colleagues and not retiring anytime soon. I know appearance matters but I don’t want to do anything drastic. How can I project a younger more energetic image?”

More people can relate to you than you can imagine. Baby boomers are aging but working as hard as ever. And with the economy in its current state, they’re remaining in their jobs and competing with younger coworkers. Meanwhile a recent Newsweek poll informs us that looks are valued over education in the workplace (though not over confidence or experience).


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