Getting Ready to Go Bare

Getting ready to “go bare” – An annual pre-summer challenge.

How we all would love to have little kid skin again! Just fresh, clear smooth skin…

With summer not that far away, we’re going to have to shed the long sleeves, winter scarves, and cute boots. That leaves a whole lot of bare skin…and for some, a whole lot of problems. Here’s a quick list of common problems and their ” go-to” dermatology procedures that can make your skin a lot closer to kid-smooth and kid-pretty.

  • DEHYDRATION – Think SilkPeel Dermal Infusion (now Diamond Glow) and Oxygen Facials – Both can ramp up the moisture levels in your skin to plump fine lines and give you a nice dewy complexion.
  • TINY VEINS – IPl (Photofacial) is a quick treatment geared toward reducing tiny veins that cause redness on the face and chest – AND lingering brown spots.
  • HAIR where you don’t want it – Easy to hide in winter, but not so in summer. Laser hair reduction works; but needs time to get the best results.
  • CROW’s FEET & LIP AREA WRINKLES – smoothing these areas can be simpler than you might think. Dysport or other toxins can make quick work of wrinkles outside the eye. Newer types of fillers such as RHA Redensity can help smooth out upper lip wrinkles.
  • VISIBLE VEINS – Vbeam vascular laser can shrink and destroy larger veins on the face and spider veins on the legs.
  • INEFFECTIVE PRODUCTS – Your skin is like a small child – when it doesn’t get the right kind of treatment, nothing works right! Customized skin care is not always about using all the products from a single skincare line. Usually, it’s a mix-and-match to meet the needs of your skin and your lifestyle.

What are your hurdles for getting skin ready for summer? Feel free to ask questions below. We’ll be happy to help you out!