Laser Toning

Stress-less Laser Toning

Are you looking in the mirror and seeing vague discoloration in your skin? Are you confused about what types of procedures get results with the lowest risk and the quickest results?

Introducing Laser Toning with pico second technology – and yes, this deserves a big “ta dah”!

Laser for me? Should I?

Recapturing even-toned skin and wiping away dark spots has long been a challenge for any skin, but especially if yours is Asian or Hispanic or Middle Eastern – because YOUR skin is less tolerant than most.

if you have ethnic or sensitive skin, you’re smart to think very conservatively. And that’s exactly why this particular laser deserves your attention. Meet PicoGenesis, a priority procedure developed with even the most reactive skin in mind.

Why Pico Genesis laser toning works for ALL* skin

  • Uses actual laser to seriously target pigment
  • Works acoustically, not thermally
  • Acoustic action is a result of the incredible speed of the laser pulse that pulverizes pigment granules (that means you don’t have to worry about the usual post inflammatory pigment risk of other laser devices)
  • Especially safe for ethnic and mixed ethnic skin as treatment pulses are about 1 trillionth of a second each so there’s practically zero time for heat buildup
  • See before and after images

In the laser toning mode (PICO Genesis), we’re basically turning the energy way down, increasing the footprint (spot size of the area covered) of the laser and “painting” the skin to take care of mottled pigment that covers a wide area such as cheeks and/or forehead.

Your Treatment Experience

  • Virtually painless – expect a sensation of prickling with no residual sensations
  • Treatment sessions are about 20 minutes
  • Virtually no downtime – perhaps light pinkness
  • Optimal results with much fewer sessions**

** Older treatment devices using nano laser technology required 10-15 sessions to achieve similar skin toning, often with the side effect of post treatment hyperpigmentation or loss of pigment.

Reach out to our highly experienced Laser Staff for a consultatio by calling 323-464-8046 or online thru the form below. Understanding how your skin reacts to various treatments is important in your treatment choice, no matter what the issues you are experiencing.