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Double chins are aggravatingly difficult to get rid of and one of the biggest complaints we hear from aging men and women. You can exercise and diet without end, and still, your double chin won’t disappear completely. Using CoolSculpting's CoolSculpting Mini™ is the latest and most advanced FDA-cleared way to eliminate your double chin without invasive plastic surgeries such as liposuction or chin augmentation. This handheld device uses the same fat-freezing technology as body CoolSculpting®, and can give you a noticeably thinner chin area after one or two treatments at our L.A. office.

If you’re tired of your double chin, please contact our cosmetic dermatologist in Los Angeles today at 323-464-8046to see if CoolSculpting Mini™ is right for you. Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD provides board-certified cosmetic dermatology services to clients in L.A., Beverly Hills and nearby areas of California.


How Does CoolSculpting® and CoolSculpting Mini™ Technology Work?

These non-invasive fat removal treatments are used to address stubborn areas of the body where pockets of fat are especially resistant to diet and exercise such as your “love handles,” abdomen, around the bra line, and of course, your chin. This innovative technology was invented by Zeltiq and uses the science of cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells.

A handheld device is positioned on the treatment area and uses vacuum suction to adhere to your skin. Two cooling plates are on either side which safely cools your skin and freezes the underlying adipocytes (fat pockets). After your treatment, these dead fat cells will naturally work themselves out of your body via your lymphatic system.

You may notice a difference in the area as early as three weeks following your first session, but your final results will settle in after 3-4 months. Most patients require two treatments for optimal outcomes, but some CoolSculpting Mini™ patients will find their desired results after just one treatment. The nice thing about CoolSculping® is that you can repeat if desired to get additional fat reduction, but you’ll wait eight weeks between sessions.

CoolSculpting Mini™ works in every way that CoolSculpting® does, except this applicator is proportionately curved and designed to fit around your chin to fully address the fat in that area and give you a more sculpted submental area. This uniquely shaped handpiece can also treat other tiny areas of fat such as the skin around your knees, inner thighs and the puffy fat that bulges out around your bra.

Several hundred CoolSculpting Mini™ treatments were performed in clinical trials, and patients were very satisfied with their results, which showed the same level of efficacy achieved with the original CoolSculpting® applicators.

Before & After CoolMini under the chin to reduce fat - 2 Sessions | Los Angeles Fat Freezing

The best candidates for CoolSculpting Mini™ have an adequate amount of fat beneath their chin for the applicator to latch onto and have realistic expectations. While the dead fat cells are essentially gone for good, results vary, and you can gain weight in surrounding areas.

An additional option for under the chin fat reduction is Kybella® injections, which dissolves fat cells with a special chemical compound.

CoolSculpting® Important Safety Information

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