Acne Scar Improvement with RF Micro Needling


Scars from Acne are a tough reminder of a time you’d rather forget. Unfortunately, unlike acne which usually goes away on its own, scars don’t.

The only way to improve acne scarring in a permanent way from the “inside out”, is with new collagen production that your body makes.

The challenge lies in choosing the right procedure for your skin. Collagen creation can be activated in more than one way.

How Do You Get New Collagen?

By “wounding” the skin.

It can seem crazy to purposefully hurt skin that’s already been hurt, but that’s what it takes. Lasers and laser-like devices are an increasingly effective method for controlled wounding just up to the point that the body responds by sending in new collagen-creating function. Because the process is controlled, the response is controlled too.

Heat = Collagen

With a laser such as Fraxel, or a Radio Frequency device such as Genius RF, skin is heated to the specified response level and newly formed collagen begins to fill the depressed scars, lifting them to be on a plane that is closer to unscarred skin. The body has a remarkable healing capability and these devices were developed to take advantage of that capability.

For Me – Fraxel or Genius or Something Else?

Fraxel has been a go-to since its FDA clearance for acne scars in 2006. It’s an excellent option for patients with skin that is not prone to pigmentation.

But not all patients have ideal skin type for laser, so alternative devices which utilize radio frequency like Genius have become the better option. Your skin still gets the collagen-spurring heat, but it’s delivered in a way that largely bypasses the pigment-producing skin layer. Non-heat devices such as standard SkinPen microneedling can also provide improvement (though on a lesser scale).

Technology Provider Training and Experience Matters

Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald’s technology team includes our Harvard-trained Board Certified dermatologist Ray Jalian and our Nurse Practitioner Angela Sarff. Both have excellent success with the wide array of technology in our office.

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