Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment in Los Angeles

Cosmelan® depigmentation treatment in Los Angeles is a “Power-Level” skin rejuvenation treatment for particularly stubborn and dense pigmentation. Cosmelan’s synergistic ingredients work very quickly, resulting in a fast, effective blending and elimination of undesirable pigment. Cosmelan regulates the melanin activity, causing the pigment-producing cells to slow down their over-production and function in a more uniform way.

Cosmelan is “sun-friendly,” an especially appreciated factor for our California lifestyle, and works well even on darker-toned Asian and Latin skin. Cosmelan will also produce a slight initial “peel,” which helps refinish the skin surface while dramatically diminishing hyper-pigmentation. Pigmentation is the color in your skin produced by melanin, the natural pigment that also determines eye and hair color. However, if too much melanin is produced in one area, the result is a brown patch on your skin ( brown spot or hyper-pigmentation.)

Dr. Fitzgerald is especially aware of the psychological effect excess pigmentation has on women in particular. Hyper-pigmentation is very difficult to conceal, even with heavy makeup or camouflage creams. As a proven system, Cosmelan has been a huge boost in helping minimize brown patches and brown spots that before were resistant to other methods or products.

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What Are the Types of Hyper-Pigmentation?

Melasma or Chloasma: Skin coloration that appears as blotchy brown spots, often covering cheeks, forehead, or temples. This type of hyper-pigmentation can be hereditary or triggered by hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause. Taking birth control pills can also trigger Melasma. In addition, some laser treatments, such as IPL, may worsen the condition.

Age Spots or “Liver” Spots: Smaller darkened patches usually on older adults who have been exposed to the sun for many years. These spots can be seen on the face, forearms, and backs of hands.

Post-Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation: This type of hyper-pigmentation results from any inflammatory injury or trauma to the skin. Some causes of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation:

  • Poorly administered chemical peels, incorrect methods of laser hair removal, or laser surgery can leave behind hyper-pigmentation.
  • Rashes like psoriasis and eczema often darken the skin as well. Even seemingly innocuous things like leg waxing and electrolysis can cause the melanin cells to overreact.
  • Prolonged exposure to heat, whether from being in the sun or working over heat-producing appliances, will also be a potential cause.

Cosmelan® Depigmentation treatment involves a very versatile, dynamic process that is easily adapted to the needs of each individual patient in Los Angeles. Cosmelan® Depigmentation treatment action mechanism is based on the inhibition of tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process. Several of the substances present in the Cosmelan formula act by blocking this enzyme. Consistent use of treatment products and appropriate sunblocks for your skin type are critical in maintaining more evenly toned skin. With repeated sun exposure, you may need a booster treatment at various intervals.

A Little Extra Help

From time to time, additional measures are incorporated to further the results. Specific spots may require the use of a DioLite laser. In some cases, IPL Photofacial or chemical peels may be used as an adjunctive in reducing sun damage-related pigmentation.

Skin Help With Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment in Los Angeles

Newer fractionalized energy treatments such as the Genius RF may be an appropriate measure if you want skin resurfacing without the risks of the laser. Another very effective treatment for diffuse pigmentation is Pico Genesis. Although a laser, the ultra-fast pulse speed very nearly eliminates heat buildup and works via the acoustic shock of the energy pulse.

Dr. Fitzgerald will help you choose the right program for your particular problems during a consultation. Please contact us to discuss cosmelan depigmentation treatment in Los Angeles.