Fractional Resurfacing in Los Angeles

Fractional laser technology has become a powerful tool in reversing the effects of aging and sun exposure. With variable downtime and very well-managed comfort levels, you can choose from a variety of fractional resurfacing in Los Angeles devices to smooth wrinkles and scars, eliminate brown spots, and improve texture.

Is Fractional Laser as Good as Full Surface Lasers?

Although fractional laser can’t duplicate full surface laser results, it can provide appreciable improvements with little recovery time. In the simplest terms, fractional resurfacing is a system in Los Angeles in which microscopic laser beams are introduced into the skin in a specific pattern. Treated skin area per session is typically about 20%. Why is this important? Whole skin around each tiny treated column accelerates healing and minimizes infection and post-treatment pain.

In contrast, full-surface lasers remove the entire top layer of the skin. Not only is this painful, but recovery is much longer, and infection risks are quite high. The concept of fractional treatment utlizes the best possibility of lasers while bypassing the worst potential side effects.

The Goal of Tolerability and Comfort

No one comes to a dermatologist eager to undergo painful treatments. The massive difference in treatment experience between full-surface laser and fractional laser has made laser treatment a “can-do” for just about anyone. But because the fractional laser is much less invasive, the speed of accomplishing desired outcomes is traded for comfort.

Often, the desired treatment effect requires multiple sessions, with acne scars in the 4 to 6-session range. Post-procedure side effects range from an afternoon to days. A light treatment may feel similar to a moderate sunburn with some minor “dust-like” exfoliation after a few days. More aggressive treatment means more downtime but quicker results.

Your procedures are always customized to your skin type, severity of your condition, desired outcome and personal downtime tolerance.

Dr. Fitzgerald has a variety of highly sophisticated laser and laser-like systems and devices that improve skin texture, color, and scarring. To learn about the best-for-you option for fractional resurfacing in Los Angeles, please call our office.