Aging Hands Get Back Youthful Looking Hands

Every woman likes having pretty, youthful-looking hands. But age and sun exposure can make them less than pretty and sometimes make you seem older than you are.

Fixable Problems

  • Loss of padding which means veins become more obvious and bone structure shows. Restore youthful plumpness with the volumizing filler Restylane Lyft. See fuller, younger-looking hands immediately – results that will be enjoyed for up to a year.
  • Surface skin thins and shows the effects of sun exposure. Turn back the clock on wrinkles, spots, and roughened skin with a Fraxel treatment tailored to the skin on the backs of hands – or at minimum, a light-based treatment to lessen age spots.
  • Loss of moisture and continued environmental exposure means crepiness and more spotting. A moisture-binding hand cream with SPF protection is the best habit to acquire.

Why Your Hands Age

Your hands accumulate almost as much sun exposure as your face – in some cases much more if sunscreen is not a part of your hand care.

The padding on the back of your hands begins to diminish starting in your late twenties. That coupled with freckles and brown patches from sun exposure, (picture those rays coming straight through your car’s window as you grip the steering wheel), and the fact that we live in a very dry climate adds up to hands that can appear older than your face.

Simple Protection to Minimize Aging

Protecting your hands is so simple – every time you smooth sunscreen on your face or reapply it to your kids, also stroke it on the back of your hands. If you spend a great deal of time in the car, driving gloves are great protectors. If you need to, trim off the tips so your manicure stays glossy and you can tap your phone screen (when you’re parked, of course!)

Can’t find driving gloves year-round? We’ve had plenty of patients who say well-fitting gardening gloves or workout gloves work just as well, even if they aren’t quite so “chic”.

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