Are Sun Spots and Age Spots the Same Thing?

Exposure to sunlight changes the skin in many ways. What most of us tend to notice as time goes on are mall brown or red spots on areas of the skin that are exposed. (Skin areas routinely under clothing seldom if ever develop brown spots.) Known alternately as age spots, liver spots, sun spots, and solar lentigines, these pigmented areas are actually melanin clumps in the skin that are largely unavoidable. What about freckles?  Sunspots are not the same as freckles, which fade over time and show up in early childhood. Instead, sun spots remain present and visible even after months without sun exposure.

Age spots were once thought to be a sign of liver problems, but that is not the case. This has seen the label “liver spots” fall out of common usage, though some people still use the term. No matter what you call them, however, they are here to stay once they develop. And while not harmful, they are not preferable, either. While it is challenging to completely clear most sun-induced sun spots, there are a number of treatment choices that help lighten and blend them.

Eliminating Sun Spots

We use the term “eliminate” because that is the end goal. Depending on the depth of the pigment, the time in existence, and lifestyle, varying degrees of success can be obtained. At our Los Angeles office, we offer a carefully selected range of safe and effective skin resurfacing treatments that can lighten sun and age spots to help restore a more blemish-free and youthful appearance to the skin. Among our most popular options are the following:

  • Laser Treatments. We offer many laser and light-based treatments that can improve the effects of sun damage. These include BBL Photofacial, VBeam, Pico Genesis, and more.
  • Chemical Peel. We offer peels from Skin Medica and Glytone to address age spots and other pigmentation issues caused by sun exposure.
  • Microdermabrasion. We offer Diamond Glow™, a service that combines microdermabrasion with customized serums to address many of the impacts of UV damage.
  • RF Microneedling. Combining radiofrequency energy with microneedling powerfully reduces the appearance of pigmentation irregularities and dark spots.

In-office treatments can produce remarkable results on their own, but these can often be maximized with a consistent at-home routine. During your time in our care, we will provide information about aftercare and suggestions for an ongoing skin care regimen to help ensure the longest-lasting and most pleasing outcomes possible.

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