Everything You Need to Know About Jeuveau™

Woman receiving Jeuveau injectionIf you want to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face, you have a new option. Jeuveau™ was approved by the FDA in 2019 to treat facial wrinkles, and is the newest addition to the wrinkle-relaxer pantheon of BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, and Xeomin®.

At Rebecca Fitzgerald Dermatology, we’re proud to offer Jeuveau™ to our Los Angeles patients. Our team continually updates the practices, techniques, and technologies that we use as part of our dedication to giving our patients the highest standard of care. Jeuveau™ is one of the most recent treatments we’ve adopted in our effort to fulfill that commitment.

This blog breaks down what Jeuveau™ is, how it works, and what it can do to help restore a youthful look to your face.

What is Jeuveau™?

Like BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, and Xeomin®, Jeuveau™ is derived from the purified form of Botulinum toxin A. It is the first product of its kind to hit the market in the United States in almost 10 years.

Injections of Botulinum toxin A in the form of BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, and Xeomin® were the most popular cosmetic procedure in the country in 2018 with more than 7.4 million treatments performed.

Benefits of Jeuveau™

As of now, Jeuveau™ is approved by the FDA to treat glabellar lines, also known as “11 lines.” These are the vertical lines that develop between the eyebrows after years of frowning, scowling, squinting, and furrowing your brow.

Other injectables based on Botulinum toxin A are approved for use in other areas of the face, such as:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Laugh lines
  • Forehead lines

How Does Jeuveau™ Work?

Jeuveau™ is a neuromodulator. It’s designed to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that cause those wrinkles. Think for a second about smiling, laughing, frowning, squinting, and furrowing your brow. You probably do each of those actions more times every day than you can count, often without realizing you’re doing them.

Over time, these repetitive, unconscious actions cause facial wrinkles. Smiling and laughing give you laugh lines. Squinting gives you crow’s feet. Furrowing your brow and frowning give you glabellar lines and forehead wrinkles.

Jeuveau™ works by targeting the muscles that control the actions that cause these wrinkles. When you perform any of those actions, your brain sends a signal through your nervous system to your muscles. Your muscles receive the signal, then do what your brain tells them to. Jeuveau™ blocks that signal from reaching your muscles.

This helps your muscles relax and stop making the movements that cause wrinkles. Jeuveau™ does not impact eating, chewing, speaking, or any other conscious action. It simply puts a stop to the movements.

Who is a Good Candidate for Jeuveau™?

Anyone who wants to improve the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines is a good candidate for Jeuveau™.

It’s also an excellent option for people who want to stop dynamically caused wrinkles or furrows before they start. Your body begins the aging process during your mid-20s, long before the visible signs of aging appear. Jeuveau™ is an outstanding prejuvenation treatment for people who want to stay ahead of the aging curve.

Jeuveau™ vs. BOTOX® Cosmetic

Jeuveau™ and BOTOX® Cosmetic have numerous similarities, including:

  • Treatments take about 15 to 20 minutes
  • Results become visible after about a week
  • Results last for 3 to 4 months

The main difference between the two is that Jeuveau™ is only approved for treating glabellar lines, whereas BOTOX® Cosmetic can treat lines and wrinkles in other areas of the face. The FDA also approved BOTOX® Cosmetic for medical uses. During your consultation, we will talk to you about your needs and goals to help determine the right wrinkle relaxer for you.

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