Importance of Getting Your Vitamin D

Getting Your Vitamin D

Did you know most of the Vitamin D you need is synthesized through your skin’s response to sunlight?

Many people living in sunny areas of the country like California can get enough vitamin D from about 10-15 minutes of sun exposure on their arms and face a few times a week.

We need Vitamin D to be able to absorb calcium, grow bones, and keep them properly mineralized. You’ve all heard about bone density, which is a concern for women who’ve entered menopause. Others who are more susceptible to deficiencies are the elderly, the homebound those with photo-sensitivities and dark-skinned individuals.

Medical studies indicate that low serum vitamin D levels may also be related to

• increased risk of certain types of cancers

• neurological disease

• autoimmune disease

• cardiovascular disease

Studies are underway to determine optimal levels of supplemental Vitamin D that may be needed in addition to the small amounts we get from nutritional intake (few nutritional sources available).

In the meantime, we’d all be wise to consider the addition of Vitamin D to our diets. For most that is a minimum of 200 IU per day before age 50, 400 IU to age 70 and 600 IU after that. Your primary physician can recommend a proper individual dosage.