Summer Skin Tips – Managing Melasma, Acne, Sunburn

Managing Acne – Will getting a tan help?

Not in the long run. Many people think tanning “helps” acne, but all you are accomplishing is the activation of melanin cells, an early start on wrinkling, and the potential risk of DNA damage that can result in skin cancer.

Plus, if you are on acne medication or using acne control products, your skin is more sensitive to UV and you could end up with a painful – or damaging – sunburn.

Pay attention to your moisturizers

Heat usually cranks up the oil production so use oil-free moisturizers and clean your skin as needed. Oil-free sunscreens are your best choice.

That new zit now could mean a brown spot later

Remember that skin suffering breakouts is inflamed. That means you need to be especially careful with sun exposure as for many, those red spots could easily turn brown and stay that way for a long time. If your acne is not controlled, get medical help.

Managing Melasma – Cover up

One of the best management tools for melasma is sun avoidance. Hard to do, we know. Hats are in – find some that you like and pair them with a good physical sun protector that contains a physical block of either zinc oxide and/or titanium oxide.

Reflection from sand and water means you have to be conscious of light from above, but also light from below, so never skip the sunscreen just because you wear a hat.

Sunscreens – New labeling

The FDA requires new labeling for sunscreens. It can get a little confusing – What to look for?

SPF of at least 30
Broad Spectrum
Water Resistance of at least 80 minutes
Our Recommended Sun Protection


A simple home remedy

If your sunburn is the “usual” – meaning only redness with no blisters- then a simple home remedy will help take the sting out and soothe your skin.

Mix equal parts water and skim milk in a bowl. Dip in a soft cloth like a t-shirt or handkerchief, wring halfway and apply for 5 to 10 minutes. Do this throughout the day.

For sunburns with obvious inflammation, an anti-inflammatory like Tylenol can be helpful.

These skin tips should help with common problems that arise in summer. The key is to be sensible.