Turkey Wattles are for the Birds

Turkey wattle is kind of fun to say. On turkeys, it’s even kind of fun to watch them wobble back and forth. On humans, however, a turkey wattle is not really that fun at all.

Turkey wattle is the colloquial term for loose, sagging skin underneath the chin. Unlike a double chin, which produces a bulky and full appearance, turkey wattle presents as saggy, loose, and droopy. It’s a condition that can sometimes be exacerbated by weight fluctuations, inadequate skincare, and lifestyle choice like tobacco use, but it’s often genetic or a simple consequence of aging.

The thing is, while developing a turkey wattle may be unavoidable, living with it doesn’t have to be. And at Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD Dermatology, we provide safe and non-surgical solutions that restore firmness, eliminate sagging skin, and create a smoother and more attractive neckline, regardless of the underlying cause.

Smoothing and Contouring the Neck

There are surgical options for tightening the neck, and sometimes these are the only viable options for excess skin. But when there is a lesser degree of contour correction needed, you may be a candidate for procedures that don’t include a scalpel.

The benefits of non-surgical skin tightening  are obvious as there is generally little to no downtime and you can often see pronounced results without forcing you to restructure your life. How great is that?

One of the most effective treatments for skin laxity along the neck is RF microneedling. We offer several options, including Ellacor® and GENIUS®, to ensure we provide the right solution for each need. Ellacor does include some recovery downtime, but there is no incision scarring to worry about. In addition, we offer Thermage®, a stand-alone radiofrequency treatment that tighten skin. These are powerful options for individuals dealing with a combination of issues.

Another impressive skin tightening option is Ultherapy®, which uses ultrasound energy to tighten skin on the brow area, neck, and chest. Ultherapy can produce results approaching a surgical correction and remains one of the most popular options for pronounced skin laxity underneath the chin.

Which Option is Right for You?

We offer a range of options for treating turkey wattle because there is no single option that will ideally suit every need. The best way to learn which of these will produce the most impressive results for you is through a one-on-one consultation at our welcoming Los Angeles office.

Turkey necks are for turkeys, not people. If you are ready to address yours, call us at 323-464-8046 today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help.