Is Genius a Laser?

Genius Rf – laser or not? It’s easy to get confused about the different technologies used in dermatology. Although the end goal is often the same, the method of skin-improving heat/energy is delivered is not the same.

A quick basic difference between Laser and Radio Frequency:

  • Laser goes through the skin from top to target depth
  • RF (radio frequency) skips the top layers, bypassing the more vulnerable top layers

Heat is the modifying element in creating more abundant new and vital collagen.  Heat typically causes an inflammatory reaction in the skin (though you don’t always see it). This inflammation, in turn, calls up brown pigment in skin that has more natural pigment.

Getting the heat to the area in the skin without triggering post-treatment pigmentation is crucial for skin with more pigment cells. For very light skin, laser or RF are equally safe. But for darker skin, that’s not the case.

Radiofrequency excels at lowering the risk of that pigment reaction (referred to as PIH or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). Contact us to learn more about the differences and the best options for your goals.

Extra FAQs

Not terribly. We’ll apply a numbing topical. Few patients need anything further.

Low downtime can be between an afternoon when you just feel sunburned to a couple of days of tender self-care. We’ll be sure you understand what to expect.

Radio frequency can both tighten and resurface.

For pure tightening, we offer Thermage and Ultherapy (though Ultherapy is actually ultrasound).

For mild body and face tightening, we offer Exilis.

For single-treatment lower face resurfacing and tightening, look at Profound.