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We all age, and as we do, our skin changes in surprising ways. Some of these changes are pronounced. Others are minor. But even subtle changes can profoundly impact a person’s overall appearance. Our Los Angeles dermatology office offers a comprehensive range of non-surgical treatments that can...Read more
How do you tone and trim your midsection? Diet and exercise, right? That’s a popular idea - one that enters into any conversation about optimizing contours. And, sure, those things are important. But they are also limited in scope and cannot always correct issues brought about by genetics, long-...Read more
There are two types of wrinkles: Dynamic . These wrinkles are primarily present when you move your face, like crow’s feet (next to the eyes) and frown lines (in between the eyebrows) Static . These wrinkles are always present, like depressions on the cheeks or at the corner of the mouth, often...Read more
Submental fat, also known as a double chin, is incredibly common. And while weight fluctuations can cause the issue, it can also be a result of genetics, aging, and even posture, making it something unavoidable in many cases. No matter its cause, a double chin will obscure the jawline and create a...Read more
Turkey wattle is kind of fun to say. On turkeys, it's even kind of fun to watch them wobble back and forth. On humans, however, a turkey wattle is not really that fun at all. Turkey wattle is the colloquial term for loose, sagging skin underneath the chin. Unlike a double chin, which produces a...Read more
Good skincare habits can't start too soon. Today's teens are very curious about how to keep their skin looking healthy and smooth. Starting them off with clean skin care that's simple yet comprehensive helps them get off to the riight start. Tweens and teens require formulas that balance and...Read more
November is National Health Skin Month, and at our comfortable Los Angeles office, we have everything you need to achieve and maintain the healthiest and most radiant skin of your life. Whether you’re interested in addressing a long-term issue or simply looking to rejuvenate your appearance, Dr...Read more
Jowls. The word itself is unpleasant. Their existence? Even more so. Unfortunately, droopy skin hanging off the jawline is just a part of the aging process for many of us. Of course, surgical options, like facelift surgery, can address jowls. These, however, come with incisions, risks for infection...Read more
Acne is something to be expected during adolescence. And, for many people, it diminishes quickly as hormones regulate and skin care routines improve. So why is it that, well into their 40s and 50s, some people continue to experience this issue? The truth is, the things that cause acne during...Read more
Remember the fun of making a crepe paper flower? It looked great as a craft, but not as something you'd "look good in". Crepey skin is right up there with other dreaded effects of aging, but it doesn't have to stay there. You'll find as you age, your now thinner skin easily dries out and "crinkles...Read more