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Dr. Fitzgerald Video – Cosmetically Filling the Face Gaining an understanding of what's happening beneath the surface is key to understanding how to get the results you want from fillers. Done right, the outcomes can be exceptionally natural looking. Done wrong and you can waste money and not look...Read more
We gals love lipstick, right? But did you ever consider that lipstick might be damaging the delicate skin of your lips? Long ago, makeup and lipstick was flat out toxic – lead was a basic ingredient back in the days of the Egyptians and it makes you wonder if that had anything to do with the...Read more
CHRISTINE’S SCULPTRA EXPERIENCE ABOUT SCULPTRA Unlike other injectable products, Sculptra® is not a site-specific wrinkle filler, but rather a re-volumizing agent that restores fullness and contours to correct the signs of facial fat and bone loss (volume loss). Facial “Deflation” happens to all of...Read more
“I’m considering cosmetic surgery but I’m not there yet. Do you have any suggestions for me while I decide?” Cosmetic surgery. Has it crossed your mind? Most of us at one time or another think about cosmetic surgery and assume it’s something we need now or will need in the future. I’m going to let...Read more
“I’m older than many of my colleagues and not retiring anytime soon. I know appearance matters but I don’t want to do anything drastic. How can I project a younger more energetic image?” More people can relate to you than you can imagine. Baby boomers are aging but working as hard as ever. And with...Read more